If you are looking for a nursing home

Chersery Home (Geriatric Hospital and Rehabilitation Center) If you are looking for a nursing home with additional services for instance clinic for brain stimulation, physical therapy, daycare program and recreational therapy, Chersery Home is your answer as we provide advanced nursing care with exceptional services.



Chersery home pay attention to every detail of elderly residents' life.

We provide well-organized daily routine, healthy and nutrients dense meals, various types of therapy such as physical therapy, activity therapy and recreational activities. 
We also have 24 hours medical and nursing care and assist in medication use of elder.
Our services including care in building confidence to rely on us in providing happiness to your loved ones at all time.


 Our Services
Why Chersery Home ?


The Senizens Our alliance who is specialized in nursing care and rehabilitation, known as Chersery Home “The Senizens”.  The establishment is particularly aimed at providing nursing care for older adults who need support for performing daily activities as well as the ones with illness and complications, and Alzheimer’s disease, etc. Excellent nursing care of The Senizens is aspired to enhance both the physical and mental healthiness of the care receivers under the supervision of physicians, nurses, physical therapists, recreational therapists, and nutritionists.  Moreover, the residential units were carefully designed and constructed with concerns for the physiology of the elderly surrounded by beautiful nature and tranquil ambiance.



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