Holistic Palliative Care (Palliative Care) is an alternative for patients with terminal illness and needs for close care from the caretakers. Therefore, the caretaker must express love, care, acceptance and understanding toward the conditions of patients both physical and emotional. For instance, they should regularly observe and know how to handle patients when they do not have appetite, feel nauseous, have constipation or diarrhea, lose control of urination, suffer from bedsore, experience difficult breathing, insomnia, confusion and etc. Most importantly, the caretaker must enjoy taking care of patients until their last breath.

“If today your suffering is travelling toward its ending, how do you choose to be treated?”

Hence, “the best possible treatment” does not necessarily mean the medical treatment following the symptoms. You can absolutely choose “the fostering treatments” to let the patients live happily and avoid suffering from pains, making the final time the best possible.

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