Senior people live a happy life as if here is their own home. The overall atmosphere of care services for the day of care and care for children. We do recreational activities with other elderly people. It is important to do activities for the elderly to keep them healthy and happy in their daily life. We have unique events every day, every week by Chersery's senior professional therapists and entertainment team.


Highlight interesting activities and choose the right distance

Older adults who attend Daycare with the Geriatric Hospital and Chersery Home Rehabilitation Center will participate in recreational activities. Have fun practicing your brain in the thought section. Imagine that our therapists have provided you with the right activities. He also met with his teenage high-profile friends around the same time. This makes it feel more lonely than doing a single activity at home. For the elderly who do not participate in the event, you can do activities with us via live channels. Facebook Fanpage : Chersery Home International, Geriatric Hospital and Rehabilitation Center
Our Services
     - care for the elderly during the day by a team of experts in therapy activities and recreational facilities.
        - take care of the food to suit your needs. Individual needs by a team of therapists 
     - Room rate 1,500 baht per time (including lunch, 2 snacks)  Service hours: 08.00 a.m. - 05.00 p.m. North.
Chersery Home  | Your Premium Nursing Home
Open 07:00-18:00 hrs.
Tel : 02-056-1684-5
Mobile : 084-2642646



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