Pruksa Holding invests 300 million baht to acquire a stake in a hospital for the elderly, Chersery Home.

พฤกษา โอลดิ้ง ทุ่มงบ 300 ล้าน เข้าถือหุ้น 35%

Pruksa Holding Public Company Limited or PSH informed the SET that Inno Sprout Ventures Company Limited (“ISV”), an indirect subsidiary has entered into a business alliance with K.P.N. Senior Hospital Company Limited (“KPNH”) to invest in the business of long-term health services for the elderly. By setting the goal of elevating Thailand to be a Senior Destination.

In this regard, participation in the above investment The company will sign an agreement to purchase shares of “KPNH” worth 174.59 million baht, or 25%, together with signing a convertible loan agreement between “ISV” (lender) and “KPNH” (borrower) in order to Provided a loan of 150 million baht at an interest rate of 7% per year. However, the loan was given out.

The loan will be converted into common shares of “KPNH” upon the expiration of the 5-year period. After converting the above loan, “ISV” will hold shares of “KPNH” in the proportion of 35%. In addition, “KPNH” is an expert in providing health services for the elderly.

There are services that meet needs under the brand Chersery Home, which is a strength in taking care of bedridden patients to recover quickly.

Including people with complex post-surgery problems Providing care services for the elderly at home and providing management services for elderly care centers Therefore, it is expected that such investment It will strengthen the company’s hospital business group. together with the exchange of knowledge and innovation between each other.

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