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Chersery Home (Geriatric Hospital and Rehabilitation Center) 

Chersery home is founded under a concept of elderly care according to elderly health and physical needs in warm and exclusive home like environment where you are surrounded by love during your stay. Our residents' lifestyle, medical treatment, post-operation care, rehabilitation and a healthy family relationship are the definite chief  aim of our attention. 

- Reduce cost when compared to a long-term stay in a private hospital
- Reduce the possibility of nosocomial infections from a large hospital
- Reduce stress from an uncomfortable ambiance in a hospital
- Reduce risks of chronic infections from being bedridden and lack of physical movement
- No more worries due to the 24-hr supervision by our professional medical team

Awards and Certifications
Chersery home โรงพยาบาลผู้สูงอายุและศูนย์กายภาพบำบัด
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