NURSING CARE - Chersery Home

NURSING CARE - Chersery Home


Services that we provide cover 24-hour nursing home for short, medium and long term care considered suitable to individual resident and their family’s needs. We also provide 24/7 personal physician, therapist and skilled nurse. For information about service rates, please contact our staff anytime.

     - Deluxe room: 18 beds available
​     - Privilege suite: double bed, 4 beds available
     - VIP suite, 3 beds available

For meal care, we provide special healthy and clean food suitable for each resident. During day time, we also have recreational activities, basic and advanced physical therapy for every resident. Physical therapy service, pain clinic and medical treatment by physician and therapist are arranged in friendly atmosphere.

     - Recreational activities for brain and memory stimulation are run by professional staffs.
     - Integrative and acculturative pain clinic (western and eastern style)
     - Rehabilitation and complete functional services after surgery

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