Physical therapy

Physical therapy for the eldery   

Physical therapy is one form of treatment to strengthen muscles under the thorough supervision of doctors and physical therapist, and is focusing on therapeutic exercises for instance 
  • Balance training on a balance platform 
  • Practice for a better ability to perform everyday activities 
  • Speech therapy 
  • Therapeutic exercise for knee osteoarthritis
  • Speech therapy and fine motor skills 
  • Cold and heat treatment for tendonitis and muscle strains 
  • Pain management for office syndrome and  knee osteoarthritis etc. 
  • Muscle strength training, balance exercise with a mobility aid, balance training on a balance platform, and gait training
  • Electrical stimulation to treat muscle spasms and pain, which can help to prevent atrophy and build strength. 
  • Physiotherapy for a prolapsed intervertebral disc (spinal disc herniation) helps patients to be able to live a normal life after the recovery period
  • Physical therapy for muscle weakness 
  • Fine motor skills training 
  • Strength training 
  • Physical therapy after surgery 

Service Rates OPD

  • Physical Therapy 1,200 Baht/Session


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